Energy Consulting

For Sol Power, customer satisfaction plays an important role within our business. At each project phase, it is the leading indicator by which our company measures success. Sol Power’s investment grade process and risk mitigation strategies facilitate the achievement of project goals while exceeding customers’ expectations.

Strategic Planning

We understand the myriad of technical, financial, operational, and security puzzle pieces related to your energy and environmental issues. Our fortune 100 business development and risk management experience enables Sol Power to strategically plan a self-funding, positive cash flow project.

Project Development

Sol Power’s project development process exceeds Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act guidelines, and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulation requirements. We initiate the planning, executing, controlling, and the development of a preliminary analysis and final investment grade report to meet specific success criteria.

Project Finance

Sol Power’s financiers and affiliates offer long-term financing options for our clients that desire either an ownership model such as a loan or PACE financing or third-party ownership by means of a PPA or lease agreement. We maximize project efficiencies and deliver high yield renewable generation facilities that increase positive cash flows and internal rates of return.

Project Delivery

Sol Power uses an Integrated Project Delivery approach. We use a project delivery method in which the interests of the primary team members are aligned in such a way that the members can be integrated for optimal project performance resulting in a collaborative, value-based process delivering high-outcome team results that ultimately serve to empower the customer.

Project Revenue

We use several key financial indicators such as Cash flow Payback, Profitability Index, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return, to create a project success metric and to measure the efficiency of the investment. Often our clients simply desire a Hedge Against Utility Inflation, while other shrewd investors seek double-digit returns with less that 7 year return on investments.