Silfab Solar (Canada)

Silfab is the largest and most advanced manufacturer in North America. Silfab is a leader in the design and development of ultra-high efficiency, premium quality monocrystalline and Bifacial PV modules. Silfab’s 35 year’s experience spans the entire PV value chain. Extensive PV experience and knowledge have led to design innovation and manufacturing expertise specifically engineered and optimized for the North American environment. Silfab designs the highest quality PV modules to deliver the most efficient solar panels on the market. Silfab’s photovoltaic modules are designed to offer a longer lifespan and provide a higher quality.

Solaria (U.S. and South Korea)

Solaria’s initial technology expertise was in the development of low-concentration-photovoltaics (LCPV). Solaria’s products and technologies were field-tested, certified and productized, with over 30 mega-watts installed in demanding, utility-grade, ground mounted deployments around the world. Solaria became synonymous with field-tested, high quality, durable, high performance LCPV combined with innovative solar tracking arrays.

Solaria starts with standard, industry proven crystalline silicon solar cells and utilizes advanced proprietary semiconductor manufacturing processes to singulate them into high-uniform strips which are then re-assembled into strings of variable density depending on the application. Solaria’s approach allows for a high degree of customization not possible with standard cell configurations that enable optimized solutions for specific applications.

SunPower (China, Mexico, Phillipines)

SunPower Corporation is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels based on an all-back-contact solar cell invented at Stanford University.

Gone are the days of clunky, piecemeal solar systems. Every part of the SunPower EquinoxTM is designed and engineered by one company to work better together—delivering more power, reliability and style than a conventional home solar system and backed by the industry’s best complete-system warranty.

Conventional Home Solar

  • Built with components from multiple brands and manufacturers each with its own warranty.
  • Requires more panels typically spanning multiple sides to meet energy needs.
  • Separate inverters add more utility boxes cluttering exterior walls.

SunPower EquinoxTM

  • Built by SunPower and backed by the industry’s only complete-system warranty.
  • Generates more power in less space with fewer visible parts for a minimalist design.
  • Eliminates unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls.

Hanergy America (U.S.)

Hanergy America, a multinational clean energy generation company began almost 25 years ago and grew to be the World’s largest thin film solar (CIGS) technology company with installed capacity over 6GW throughout the World. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has more than 10,000 employees in factories and offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Hanergy’s operations encompass R&D, high-end equipment manufacturing, thin-film solar module production and construction of solar power plants investing in construction of thin-film solar R&D and manufacturing bases in China, EU and United States. ( )

Hanergy has become a world leader in thin-film solar technology through its global innovative technology achieving a conversion efficiency of 21% for its copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technology certified by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and 31.6% for its gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology — the world record for the highest conversion efficiency of thin-film solar technology, as certified by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

SolareEdge Inverters (U.S. and International)

Solar energy systems include PV panels and inverters. Traditional string inverters have a number of significant drawbacks. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters overcome these traditional concerns to offer more energy, better maintenance, and enhanced safety.

Maximize Your Solar Savings
Like other electronics, PV technology has evolved over the last five years. There are large differences today in the capabilities of many of the system components. Inverters and panels on the roof, can have a huge impact on the amount of energy your system produces.

More power = more savings on your energy bill.

The inverter, which takes DC energy from the roof panels and converts it to AC, is the brain of the PV system. A smarter, optimized inverter can be the key to generating more energy than with other systems. How does this work? In traditional systems, installers connect solar panels in ‘strings.’ Just like with Christmas tree lights, where one failed bulb knocks out the other bulbs, one underperforming solar panel will lower the performance of an entire string. With an optimized inverter, power optimizers connect to the solar panels to enable them to perform independently. This results in more energy for your home.

Know before you buy
Ensure that the system you buy is optimized and has the ability to harvest maximum power from each panel. Ask your us about options like cellular connectivity, consumption metering to track energy use, and battery integration to enhance your system. Plus, using a strong brand, like SolarEdge, could help future proof your investment. As far as inverters go, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of the industry’s leaders.

Consumer Finance | Unsecured Loans

Service Finance Company, LLC offers an unsecured solar loan program for qualified borrowers with no pre-payment penalties. An installment loan is an unsecured loan and strongly associated with traditional consumer loans, repaid over time by regular payments of principal and interest. Homeowners use installment loans with low monthly payments to invest in home improvement projects that decrease energy expense and modernize their home. The post-project energy savings often creates positive cash flow with favorable ROI.

Loan Programs: Zero Interest / NO Monthly Payments- Same As Cash

  • 12 Months, Zero Interest with NO Monthly Payments – Same as Cash
  • 18 Months, Zero Interest with NO Monthly Payments – Same as Cash

Loan Programs: Reduced Interest Loans- Long Term

  • 2.99% up to 144 Months
  • 4.99% up to 180Months
  • 5.99% up to 240Months


  • Electricity Cost (Before Solar): $350.00
  • Electric energy (kWh) from utility reduced by 109% by solar system
  • Solar System Life: 25 years / 300 months
  • Contract Price: $32,316
  • Incentives to Customer (Tax Credit): $9,695
  • Net Purchase Cost: $22,621

Consumer Finance Loans

  • 1st Loan “Same-As-Cash Fully-Amortized”. $9,695 interest free payments of: $808 monthly over 12 months. Advance principal payment of $9,695 made in month 12 of loan term (assumed). No loan payments thereafter.
  • 2nd Loan: “Fully-Amortized”. $22,621 at 2.990% apr. Repaid: $187 monthly over 144 months. Interest tax deductible. Initial Cash Proceeds: $9,695.
  • 1st Year Positive Cash Flow: $350.00 – $187.00 = $163.00 (Savings will grow as electric utility rates are expected to rise each year.)
  • Free Solar Electricity: 300 – 144 = 156 months!

See the complete Performance and Financial Analysis and consult with your tax consultant for your specific requirements.

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