integrated renewable
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Renewable Energy

In agriculture, renewable energy can be used to power electric fencing, lighting, water pumps, pond aeration, and ventilation, and cold storage facilities. Most importantly, monthly savings reduce operating expense and increase profit margins.

Renewable Battery Storage Systems

Renewable Battery Storage Systems shave power peaks, mitigate risk against regional blackouts that may result in the loss of data, productivity, and revenue. Inexpensive stored energy may be used to offset expense Time-of-Use rates.


There are two paths to integrated renewable energy solutions. Ownership and 3rd Party Ownership. While "Cash is King" to avoid financing fees. Power Purchase Agreements offer a $0 Down means of getting on the path to solvency today.

What else DO we provide?

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

We facilitate a host of services, including but not limited to Site Assessment/Feasibility Analysis, Design, Procurement Services, Construction and Equity Financing, and turnkey Construction services.

Operations & Maintenance

Owners require an expert services contractor to oversee the technical operation of a renewable battery storage system. Services include the scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance in the event of a rare fault notification provided by the inverter communication system.

Asset Management

Renewable battery energy storage systems requires management of the physical system as opposed to traditional financial management. Through continuous monitoring and automated control the asset management team works in conjunction with O&M service to ensure maximize system production.

Leverage our investment grade solutions...

Are you an Agricultural Producer that would like to reduce your operating expense or lease land?

Our work

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Who we are

Over 30 years of managing activities and strategy to meet an organization’s strategic goals to implement comprehensive energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy programs. We are particularly interested in blockchain and artificial intelligence-enabled microgrid technology solutions that utilize integrated renewable energy resources.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
Project Finance
Asset Management


About us

Sol Power Energy, Inc. (SOL POWER) is a California corporation offering Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions including, engineering, procurement, and construction services for photovoltaic solar and energy storage projects.

SOL POWER’s objective is to help agricultural producers of livestock, milk production, and crops to obtain financing support for solar energy solutions that foster energy cost savings and sustainable water and food supply.

We provide free assistance to farmers and help them to understand the economics and technical advantages of solar and energy storage to offset their processing and cold storage utility expense.

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