About Us

Sol Power Energy, Inc. (SOL POWER) is an integrated renewable energy solutions firm providing U.S. agricultural producers and investors with access to an investment grade approach to clean energy investment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster agricultural solvency by providing a broad range of cost-effective sustainable solutions that immediately reduce operator utility, operational, and asset management expenses, increases net operating income, and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our Market Position

We have a well‐established record of delivering substantial energy and economic savings for our clients and we offer a standard of care and business process that exceeds all federal, state, local government and local utility guidelines and policies. Our investment grade process promotes the reduction of total project cost, increases cash gained over project life, and mitigates owner risk.

Our Solutions

SOL POWER is a provider of integrated renewable energy solutions including, among other offerings, power purchase agreements for renewable energy technologies or a portfolio of technologies with optional addition of agriculture pump replacement, battery energy storage, artificial intelligence solutions for agricultural applications, competitive natural gas, electricity, and fuel procurement services or electric vehicle or equipment charging technologies used in agricultural operations.


We provide turnkey services to create and administer client programs that provide a lower priced renewable alternative to the cost offered from the applicable local utility company. 

We offer $0 down solar power purchase and energy storage agreements, shared savings financing arrangements, and alternative financing agreements.

Optional Energy Management and Consulting Solutions may provide longer-term budget certainty to further reduce owner and landlord risk and exposure to volatile energy markets, while allocating resources for grant, rebate and incentive applications.